Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wonder Woman v1 #177: "Wonder Woman & Supergirl Vs the Planetary Conqueror!"

Download Wonder Woman v1 #177

this one, I am going to include the advertisements for historical perspective.

Wonder Woman & Supergirl vs the Planetary Conqueror

Wonder Woman / story / 22 pages
Script: Bill Finger
Pencils: Win Mortimer
Inks: Jack Abel

Bonus download: Supergirl is on the cover only:

Download Wonder Woman v1 #191

Detour 2
Wonder Woman / story / 22 pages
Script: Mike Sekowsky
Pencils: Mike Sekowsky
Inks: Dick Giordano


borky said...


Obviously the term lamo hadn't been conceived yet, as in:

Are the people of your town willing to eat wet cardboard to loose weight?

Then that makes you a bunch of Special K lamos!

The Executioner said...

I guess it beats being called Captain Klutz, I think.

By the way, sorry for the delay in approving your messages as I was under the weather for several days.

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