Thursday, November 12, 2009

Superman Family #164: Supergirl in "Brainiac's Blitz!"

Download Superman Family #164

Superman Family #164
PUBLICATION DATE: Apr/May 1974 (onsale 1/24/1974)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers
COVER ART: Nicholas Peter Cardy
NOTES: This is the first issue of Superman Family.
The numbering continues from Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen.
CONTENTS: "Jimmy Olsen Presents the Superman Family"
  • Jimmy Olsen: "Death Bites with Fangs of Stone" (14 pages)
    Leo Dorfman (Writer), Kurt Schaffenberger (Artist)
  • Supergirl: "Brainiac's Blitz" (12 pages)
    Jim Shooter (Writer), Jim Mooney (Artist)
    From Action Comics #339, July 1966
  • Superboy: "The Super Star of Hollywood" (13 pages)
    Jerry Siegel (Writer), George Papp (Artist)
    From Adventure Comics #272, May 1960
  • Jimmy Olsen: "The Gift-Wrapped Doom" (6 pages)
    Leo Dorfman (Writer), Kurt Schaffenberger (Artist)
  • Jimmy Olsen: "The Death March" (9 pages)
    Leo Dorfman (Writer), Al Plastino (Artist)
    From Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #76, April 1964
  • Lois Lane: "The Three Wives of Superman" (25 pages)
    Kurt Schaffenberger (Artist)
    From Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #51, August 1964
  • "Jimmy Olsen's Pen-Pals" (2 Pages)
    (Letters Page)
  • "How the Artists Draw the Superman Family" (3 Pages)
    (Sketches by Swan and Schaffenberger)

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