Sunday, May 23, 2010

World's Finest Comics #176: "The Superman-Batman Split!!" (Neal Adams Draws Supergirl)

Download World's Finest Comics #176

Neal Adams is my favorite comic book artist of all time and, considering the fact that this blog is about Supergirl, I thought it would be pretty neat to post a Supergirl story illustrated by The Master himself. I also thought that I would try something a little different this time out by uploading the comic book's pages directly to the Web log itself, which is something I always do on my other blog Tales of Swords and Veeblefetzers. Of course, I am sticking with my policy of including the download link just below the cover so you can read the magazine at your leisure.

"The Superman-Batman Split!" was written by Cary Bates, penciled by Neal Adams (natch!), and inked by the late, great Dick Giordano. I should also mention that these pages are scanned from Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams, Volume 1 and not World's Finest Comics #176 itself because I thought the reprint quality was much higher in the deluxe volume.

World's Finest Comics #175: "The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads!"

Download World's Finest Comics #175

This story simply comes before World's Finest #176 and Supergirl is a no-show. For Neal Adams completists only.

"The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads!" was written by Leo Dorfman, penciled by Neal Adams (natch!), and inked by the late, great Dick Giordano.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Supergirl Vol 2 #23: "The Future Begins Today!"

Download Supergirl Vol 2 #23

Final issue

Supergirl / cover / 1 pages
Pencils and inks: Ed Barreto

The Future Begins Today!
Supergirl / story / 23 pages
Script: Paul Kupperberg
Pencils: Carmine Infantino
Inks: Bob Oksner
Colors: Gene D'Angelo
Letters: Ben Oda

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