Friday, November 6, 2009

Millennium Edition of Action Comics #252 (reprint of Supergirl's first appearance)

Download Action Comics #252

The Supergirl from Krypton!

Script: Otto Binder
Pencils and inks:
Al Plastino
Characters: Superman [Kal-El]; Supergirl [Kara Zor-El] (introduction, origin); Zor-El (introduction, flashback); Miss Hart (introduction); Superboy (on a poster)
Synopsis: Superman spies a crashing rocket and discovers his cousin Supergirl. She tells him how Argo City survived the destruction of Krypton and how her father sent her to Earth when the inhabitants of Argo City were threatened by Kryptonite poisoning. Superman sets her up in Midvale Orphanage so she can adjust to life on Earth.
  • in Superman Annual (DC, 1960 series) #1 (1960)
  • in Action Comics (DC, 1938 series) #334 (March 1966)
  • in Secret Origins (DC, 1973 series) #2 (April-May 1973)
  • in DC Special Series (DC, 1977 series) #19 (Fall 1979)
  • in Great Superman Comic Book Collection, The (DC, 1981 series) #nn (1981)
  • in Superman from the Thirties to the Eighties (Crown Publishers, Inc., 1983 series) #nn (1983)
  • in DC Silver Age Classics Action Comics 252 (DC, 1992 series) #nn (1992)
  • in Giant Superman Annual #1 Replica Edition (DC, 1998 series) #nn
  • in Millennium Edition: Action Comics 252 (DC, 2000 series) #nn
  • in Supergirl Archives (DC, 2001 series) #1
  • in Superman in the Fifties (DC, 2002 series) #nn
  • in Showcase Presents Superman (DC, 2005 series) #1
  • in Superman Family, The (DC, 1974 series) #165 [one panel only reprinted]

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