Sunday, January 30, 2011

Supergirl #3: "End of Innocence"

Download Supergirl #3

Characters: Supergirl [Matrix]; Lana Lang; Supergirl clones (destroyed); Lex Luthor clone (destroyed); Lex Luthor (villain; flashback); Sydney Happersen (villain); Dr. Raymond Eller (villain)

Synopsis: Supergirl learns of and destroys the Supergirl clones and vows vengeance on Lex Luthor.

Script: Roger Stern
Pencils: June Brigman (layouts); Jackson Guice (finishes)
Inks: Jackson Guice


borky said...

"The Day Supergirl Revealed Herself!"

Supergirl #3:"End of Innocence".

Aye, aye, I thought, is this a theme emerging here? Is this the day Superman finally gets...round to telling his kid 'sister' there's no such thing as Father Christmas?

Then I beheld the cover - Supergirl on her knees writhing in sweat drenched pain, her hand gripping some oddly shaped invisible object, even as a sinister punk rocker like apparition fastens onto her from behind.

...and I couldn't read on from that point...I'd always sort of secretly hoped she save herself for me...

The Executioner said...


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