Sunday, October 11, 2009

Supergirl v1 #1: "Trail of the Madman!"

Download Supergirl v1 #01

Linda quits her job at KSF-TV, and goes back to college at Vandyre University to study drama. Script: Cary Bates. Pencils: Art Saaf. Inks: Vince Colletta. Starring: Supergirl (Linda Danvers; Kara Zor-El); Wanda Five; Sheila Wong; Terry Blake; Aunt Rosie; Dean Madison; Susie; Ron Buxton (dies); Michael Heimes (dies); Frank Morris; VILLAIN: Basil Rasloff

Reprinted in:

* In Superman Family (DC, 1974 series) #165 (one panel only reprinted)
* in Best of DC, The (DC, 1979 series) #17

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