Monday, November 29, 2010

Action Comics #267: "The Three Super-Heroes!"

Download Action Comics #267

Script: Jerry Siegel
Pencils and inks: Jim Mooney

Characters: Supergirl; Legion of Super-Heroes [Cosmic Boy; Lightning Lad; Saturn Girl; Chameleon Boy; Colossal Boy; Invisible Kid]; Superman

Synopsis: The Legion comes to the 20th century to meet Supergirl and invites her to come to the 30th Century to apply to join the Legion.


* in Action Comics (DC, 1938 series) #334
* in Adventure Comics (DC, 1938 series) #492
* in Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, The (DC, 1991 series) #1
* in Supergirl Archives (DC, 2001 series) #1
* in Showcase Presents: Supergirl (DC, 2007 series) #1

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