Wednesday, July 28, 2010

World's Finest #169: "The Supergirl-Batgirl Plot!"

Download World's Finest #169

I have to laugh at this one as the cover for World's Finest #169 shows Supergirl and Batgirl behaving like mischievous teenagers. That's especially amusing to me as I grew up with two mischievous sisters, but the story is pretty humorous—if not outright loony—in its own right. The story was scripted by Cary Bates, but I facetiously wonder if he was on something while he was writing this. Please don't mistake my words for criticism as I love the occasional zany story and this one should not be missed! Curt Swan illustrated the story (pencils) while George Klein inked it. Oh, and this is also history you're reading as this is the first teaming of Supergirl and Batgirl!


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